…the Universe is just waiting…

It’s True.

The universe is just waiting… on what? Well, it could be anything

-on you to decide what you want out of life

-on you to drop unneeded baggage and be free

-for you to decide you’re worth it

-for you to open your heart, tear down walls, whatever…

and once you do….the Universe will fill your life with more than you ever knew you wanted.

I kept a sticky note on my computer monitor (as you can see below) beginning about 6 months ago.


And just seeing the note every day encouraged changes in my thinking.  As soon as I decided I was good enough to live my best life the universe rushed right and dropped the most wonderful job every in my lap …. and just like that I can walk away from this miserable job I’ve been in all this time because I thought I couldn’t do better.


My sticky note has changed hee hee and my last day is August first. I couldn’t be happier!


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2 thoughts on “…the Universe is just waiting…

  1. You ARE wonderful! I’m so proud of you! I’m just amazed at the way you sparkle. You are unstoppable and proving people wrong! You go Doll!

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